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 Screenshots (0.107)
The new landscape mode in 0.107.
The new landscape mode in 0.107.
 Screenshots (0.106)
Files & folders view. Nothing is selected. These are all folders, some of them contain subfolders (as indicated by the icon on the right side)
MLauncher can play flac and ogg files.
Music folders: This is a list of folders where MLauncher found music. Those marked with a red cross are ignored. The content of the green folders is shown, one folder is marked as containing audiobooks, the others have music. Audiobook content does not crossfade and is played in order.
The blue & black theme.
Music player view, orange & black theme.
Changing the volume.
The blue & black theme.
If you do not like swiping left and right to go to the previous and next song, you can replace swiping with buttons (from Options->Preferences)
The red & black theme.
The list of playlists. Total playing time is not yet implemented.
If all songs in a folder contain the same substring the substring is slowly removed, character by character, so you can see those parts of the strings that are different. This screenshot was taken during the removal of the "Nelly Furtado" substring.
And this is how it looks after the complete removal of the "Nelly Furtado" substring

The Blue theme in landscape mode.
The Red theme in landscape mode.

 Screenshots (0.98)

 Features video (featured version: 0.97)

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