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 What is MLauncher:

MLauncher is (was) a music and audio book player for S60 and Symbian phones. Your content is detected and shown as a tree of files and folders. Selecting what you want to play is as easy as selecting several folders and files, or selecting a previously (auto-)saved playlist. Crossfading is supported for music playlists and automatically disabled for audio books.
MLauncher comes with many little things that demanding listeners always wanted: current playback position is saved on exit or when switching to another playlist, music is paused when the headphones are removed, accidentally or not. MLauncher supports ogg and flac files, supports the phone's audio equalizer and effects and last but not least, has a colorful playback view that can match the dominant color of the current album art.
If MLauncher sounds like the music player you have been looking for, please check the Q & A section on this page (below, right) and the features page.

April 13, 2016: No work has been done in almost 3 years. Perhaps it is time to admit that MLauncher is closed and there will be no more work done. You can still download it if you have an S60 phone.
Writing MLauncher was fun and for several years, an important part of my life. Thank you all for using it thus and giving more meaning to my work and for the encouraging words you sent me. A special thank you goes to all the people who helped with translations, over the years.
One more thing: the last promised release (1.1) was never properly released and tested. However, if you want to try it, you can download it from here. However, depending on the phone that you have, the last "official" release (0.107) might work better for you.
April 2, 2013: I have started working towards a new MLauncher version. This will be 1.1 and it will hopefully be available around June. It will have an Italian translation. In case you are wondering what happened with 1.0: I was working on it in autumn, but due to (my) human error, my computer suffered an unintentional entire-disk erasure, and the sources I was working with got lost. As an extra safety measure, MLauncher is on github now, so you can download the sources from there, if you have an interest in doing so. Anyway, all that remains from the 1.0 would-be release is a binary, and if you want to try it you can download it from here.
October 13, 2012: I replaced the 0.107 with a new build (0.107.1 if you like) that fixes a small bug related to the Equalizer dialog not working in 3rd edition FP2 phones.
October (almost) 9, 2012: Hello hello! After too many months 0.107 is out, please download it from here. As promised, this release brings support for equalizer and effects. It also brings a redesigned landscape view for touch devices, Spanish and Galician translations (thanks to Rubén Castiñeiras Lorenzo) and Latin American Spanish translation (thanks to Hexadecimal Disaster). Many errors have been fixed and the performance improved, this should be the best MLauncher release ever. If you still find something is not as it should be, please drop me an email at florin.lohan@the_domain_of_this_site (mlauncher.org). Thanks!
April 13 (Friday), 2012: Minor fix to 0.106. If you had random crashes when using 0.106, downloading and installing this version might help.
April 5, 2012: The Easter Bunny brings you 0.106. Enjoy :-)
February 22, 2012: Finally, I had some time to update the download page with the latest MLauncher release. Please take a look.
February 19, 2012: Hello hello! After a long weekend, 0.105 is out, please download it from here. Many changes under the hood, most important one being support for cover art embedded into mp3 files. A more detailed log and changes to the download page coming in one of the next days, now I am too tired... but happy :-).
January 23, 2012: Hello hello! Some of you complained about crashes with the 0.104 version, and I am fixing those. Also, the FLAC and Ogg plugin is not always detected in the 0.104 release. No 0.105 release YET, because fixing the identified problems requires more effort than I anticipated, but I am almost there, and there should be a new release in a week or two. Stay tuned!
December 31, 2011: Hello, and Happy New Year! Could not let 2011 pass without an official release, the first since 0.100. A more stable release, that I am enjoying every day, on my Nokia 701. Several new features, compared to 0.103: There is now better support for audiobooks: there are audiobooks "sources" (folders where you keep your audiobooks) and audiobook playlists, that by default are not randomized not crossfaded. A bit more details on the download page. You cand downlaod 0.104 from here, and do not forget the FLAC & OggVorbis plugin, in case you need it.
August 9, 2011: Hello hello! This year brings a slightly redesigned home page and a "technology preview" of what I hope one day will be the next official release of MLauncher. For the brave, here is the link. Many new features: support for FLAC and OggVorbis with the additional plugin that can be downloaded from here (*). There is also support for RealAudio. Internal playlists have been added, so now you can resume an old selection. For example, you can have an audiobook playlist and a music playlist, and toggle between them. Each time you "leave" a playlist, its current position is saved, and next time you play it, it will resume from the last position. There is also support for browsing your music collection by artists and albums, however, the database is constructed each time MLauncher is started. Do not look for "Save & Exit" any more, the playback position is always saved on exit. Enjoy and please send feedback! I would especially appreciate what you like/don't like in this preview, and how to improve it. Also, the 0.100 version has been re-signed, so it should work now.
(*) The FLAC and OggVorbis plugin has been compiled from Symbian OggPlay sources (you can download my copy from here). Please note, that Symbian OggPlay is released under a different license (GPL) than MLauncher (BSD).
July 25 2010: Hello there, after a long-long time! No new version YET, I am working hard for the 0.103, hopefully will have something during August. Meanwhile I re-signed and re-posted 0.100, so at least that works easily.
July 15, 2009: Again for the brave souls out there, here it comes the 0.102 pre-release that solves some of the bugs of 0.101: on some devices the application would not exit, nor display the Artists & Albums info. This is now hopefully fixed. Also fixed is another bug, that crashed MLauncher just after opening it, during playlist loading operation. No new features compared with 0.101, just these fixes, so all 0.101 warnings and limitations still apply. Comments, feedback & bug reports appreciated, as always. Enjoy!
June 23, 2009: For the brave souls out there, here is the 0.101 pre-release, just as I close my PC before starting my holiday. The pre-release is insufficiently tested, it may crash on you, be prepared to install an older release. What is new here: some bug fixes and metadata parsing. Your music is now organized as Artists & Albums, in addition to folders. This feature is not yet complete, the metadata is parsed each time you start MLauncher, although it should not take that long. Comments, feedback & bug reports appreciated, as always. Enjoy!
Mlauncher 0.100 released on June 6th, 2009. Download it here, sources from here. Many small improvements in this version, (please check the release notes in the Download page). A Big Thanks! to all who reported bugs and improvements ideas!
Mlauncher 0.99 released on Aprin 27th, 2009. Download it here, sources from here. This version should be more stable than 0.98. Several annoying bugs have been fixed because of those crash log files you have been sending! Many thanks, and keep them coming, it really helps improving the stability of Mlauncher!
Mlauncher 0.99a released on March 17th, 2009. Download it here, sources from here. Please note this is an alpha release. There are no new features in this release, but many things were changed under the hood to make MLauncher faster. If you were unhappy with the speed of the 0.98 release, please consider 0.99a. If you were happy with the speed of 0.98, well, you can stick with it for the moment.
Mlauncher 0.98 released on December 18th, 2008. Download it here.
Mlauncher 0.97 released on January 19th, 2008. Download it here.
 Q & A

Q: Quick, where is it? I know this is for me, I just want to download Music Launcher!
A: It is here. Do not forget to take a look to the limitations in this release.

Q: Now wait a minute. Will it work on my phone?
A: You need an S60/Symbian phone that has 3rd edition or above (Symbian Anna, Belle should work as well). While I tried hard to keep compatibility with all these phones, I cannot test on all, so if you have some Symbian phone and MLauncher behaves strangely on it, please drop me an email at feedback@the_domain_of_this_site (mlauncher.org).

Q: Very cool, but what does Music Launcher do actually?
A: It allows you to organize your music into folders. You select the folders you want to play with one click. You can also select individual files inside folders. After you are done with your selection, you can play it. Music Launcher supports album art and crossfading between tracks, see some screenshots on the Features page. You can also do some file management with your music (move, delete, rename) and you can easily check for updates or send Music Launcher to your friends. For a detailed feature list, please check the Features page

Q: Is this for me?
A: If you are not afraid of installing a self-signed 3rd party application on your S60/Symbian phone and you want to keep your music collection organized into folders, then yes, this is for you.

Q: I want my music player to have a certain feature, which seems to be missing from your player. Will you implement it for me?
A: Perhaps :-). Drop me an email at florin.lohan@the_domain_of_this_site (mlauncher.org).

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