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 Errors and Feedback

This page is not yet complete (well, this site is not yet complete :-), but this page needs more work than others). For the moment, please send your comments (errors, feedback) to feedback@the_domain_of_this_site (mlauncher.org). If you are sending bug reports about crashes, it would be very welcome if you can send the log file as well. Please read below on how to enable logging.
If you would like to join the Music Launcher development team (me at the moment), you are more than welcome, please drop me an email. There are many things I need help with: testing, maintaining this web page, improving this web page (e.g. a forum would be nice), graphics design for the web page and MLauncher, and not least, software development! Your help in any of these areas would be much appreciated!

How to enable logging:
Logging can be enabled/disabled from the Preferences menu (Options->Preferences->Enable/Disable Logging. In case of a crash, the log file will be uploaded automatically to this website when the application starts next time (the user is asked if uploading is allowed). The user can postpone the upload for a later time, selectable from the Options menu (Options->Application->Upload crash logfile)

Logging details:
Since version 0.100, MLauncher uses a plain text file for logging. This file is located on the memory card, in E:\Documents\MLauncherDebug\ folder. You can take a look, either with the File Manager on your phone, or on the PC (connecting the phone with Nokia PC Suite or by inserting the memory card in the PC).
Before the 0.100 version, Music Launcher used RFileLogger for logging. To have a log file, MLauncher created the following folder: "c:\Logs\MLauncher" (case insensitive). To see this log file, you need a developer-friendly File Manager, the one pre-installed in your S60 device would not work.

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