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With Music Launcher you can organize your music into folders. Selecting what to play is as easy as selecting several folders. Music Launcher supports sub-folders, and also individual files can be selected/unselected inside each folder. This way of organizing music has two main advantages over the "modern" way of organizing music as Artists-Albums-Genres-Playlists:

  • You can have your compilations into folders, and you just need to select those folders to play the desired compilations. In the Artists-Albums-Genres-Playlists way of organizing music this can be achieved only by creating a playlist, which is time-consuming and rigid.
  • You can listen to different music each time you start listening: just select some folders from your music, including your compilation folders. No need to create a playlist each time you want to listen to something else.

Music Launcher plays the same music formats as the Music Player that comes with your phone. It also supports album art, and on some devices, crossfading between tracks.

Music Launcher allows you to do some management to your music files: move, rename, delete files and folders and create new folders.

You can send Music Launcher to your friends by Bluetooth or you can send them the URL from where to download by SMS. Spread the fun!

It is easy to stay up-to-date with new versions of Music Launcher. The application has a "Check for Updates" command that allows you to download and install new versions, once they become available.


New in version 0.107 (released on October 9, 2012):

  • Equalizer & audio effects
  • Redesigned landscape view for touch phones. You can see some screenshots here.
  • Current song can be removed from the playlist, current playlist can be reshuffled. All from the music player view.
  • Several new translations: Spanish and Galician thanks to Rubén Castiñeiras Lorenzo and Latin American Spanish thanks to Hexadecimal Disaster. In addition to these, MLauncher supports Dutch (thanks to Hans Dorssers) and Bulgarian (thanks to Kostadin Kolev).
  • Fixes and other performance improvements, better support for first-time users.

New in version 0.106 (released on April 5, 2012):

  • 20 volume steps on phones supporting it (Symbian Belle)
  • Theme color can change to match the dominant color of the album art (off by defaut, on from the Options->Color menu in Music Plaer view)
  • Fixed one bug that caused most of the crashes in 0.105

New in version 0.105 (February 19, 2012):

  • Support for embedded cover art. The album art engine has been enhanced a lot, see below
  • Album art files (cover.jpg and/or folder.jpg) are also looked into a "__Covers" subfolder of the music folders. The album art filename has the format Artist-Album.jpg. For example, if you are currently playing "e:\MyMusic\Compilation\Nightwish - Planet Hell.mp3" from the Music folder "e:\MyMusic" and if the Album and Artist metadata fields of the file's ID3 are properly set, then MLauncher is also looking for the file "e:\MyMusic\__Covers\Nightwish-Once.jpg" and uses it if available
  • Further more, you can enable (from Preferences) the so called "hint files". If this is enabled, and the jpg above has not been found, MLauncher will create a file (zero length) "e:\MyMusic\__Covers\Nightwish-Once.hint". You can then look what hint files are created and replace them with real album art.
  • FLAC and ogg plugin comes now embedded into MLauncher, although it is not installed by default. If you try to play a FLAC or ogg file and the plugin is not installed, you will be prompted to install it
  • MLauncher has now a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MLauncher . I am not yet sure how I will use it, because I never invested much time playing with Facebook, but my intention is to write every now and then something about MLauncher, how different features are ment to be used, and allow you to somehow subscribe to this information. Please be patient, I am just learning here.
  • There is now a Dutch translation (localisation) thanks to Hans Dorssers, in addition to the Bulgarian translation. (If you are interested to translate MLauncher in your language, please contact me)
  • The management of Music folders (those folders where you have collected your music) should be now (hopefully) clearer. You cannot delete a Music folder (from the list) unless it is empty, but you can disable it, as before. Adding Music folders works now, although you should use this feature carefully
  • Many fixes and performance improvements. Much of the internal engine has been rewritten, hopefully for the better

New in version 0.104 (released in December 31, 2011):

  • many things, most of which I do not remember anymore
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • All Symbian version since 3rd edition supported, including Symbian Anna and Belle
  • MLauncher knows 2 types of playlists: music and audiobook. Music playlists will by default be randomized and crossfaded, audiobooks playlists will not
  • There are 2 types of "Source" folders: music and audiobooks
  • Bulgarian translation, thanks to Kostadin Kolev

New in version 0.103 (released on August 9, 2011):

  • Support for FLAC and OggVorbis, using an external plugin.
  • Support for RealAudio
  • Internal playlist added: created playlists are saved automatically and the playback position is saved when switching to another playlist
  • "Save & Exit" command replaced with just "Exit" that always saves the current playback position of the playing playlist.

New in version 0.102 (released on July 15, 2009):

  • Some bug fixes from 0.101

New in version 0.101 (released on June 23, 2009):

  • Metadata parsing was added (meanwhile it was removed because it needs serious changes to work in Symbian Belle). This allowed an "Artists & Albums" view of the music collection. The feature was never completed, it the metadata was always parsed when MLauncher started (although the parsing was very fast, usually taking less than a minute or two)

New in version 0.100 (released on June 6th, 2009):

  • Imprved music search algorithm
  • Album art: folder.jpg can be used as album art, same way as cover.jpg
  • Default album art picture can be changed: just put your default album art image on the memory card in e:\Images\MLauncherCover.jpg
  • Log changes: log file is now saved on the memory card in e:\Documents\MLauncherDebug. This makes it easyer for everybody to take a look at it, or send it to me when reporting bugs
  • Application can be now installed on the memory card (this was not as simple as it sounds, some paths were hardcoded inside MLauncher and I had to change that)
  • Many fixes, some performance improvements

New in Version 0.99 (released on Aprin 27th, 2009):

  • Many internal changes. Music Launcher should be faster
  • The behaviour of the Red/End key can be selected from preferences: it can either close Music Launcher, or send it to background
  • The Music Launcher player for S60 5th edition devices (e.g. 5800) can be used now with buttons (next/previous) instead of a swipe movement to right/left. This can be set from preferences (in Music Player view)
  • Bluetooth transfer works again
  • Several bug fixes

New in Version 0.98 (released on December 18th, 2008):

  • internal music player created. It supports basic playback and:
    • on some devices it supports crossfading between audio tracks
    • it can display album art, if available
    • the current playlist can be saved, together with the position in the current track. If saved, the playlist and current position are restored automatically on next start
    • on some devices, if headphones are removed, playback pauses
  • music folders detected automatically
  • support for several music folders, not just one, as in the previous release
  • user can choose to ignre some of the detected music folders
  • partial selection: if only part of the content in a folder is selected, that folder is shown to the user with a special icon, as "partially selected". The partially selected icon is similar with the "fully selected" icon, except that the "check" sign is smaller

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