Hello there!

I am Florin Lohan, an experienced IT professional, entrepreneur, occasional public speaker (Toastmasters, workshops), currently working as a freelancer. I am really great at building mobile, server and desktop applications that are related to multimedia or cloud/personal cloud. If you need one of these done, I'm your man. I am currently part of a new and exciting startup: GWAP! As a consequence, for the foreseeable future, my freelancing time is very limited.

I have a PhD in multimedia architectures from Tampere University of Technology (Finland), I worked for Nokia for almost 10 years in various positions and I founded/co-founded three companies so far. Over the years, I have also developed several open-source projects.

I have a deep knowledge of C, C++, PHP and Javascript, as well as HTML and CSS. I am knowledgeable about security. I also have vast experience in developing (server) applications for embedded hardware and IoT.

I am using Cordova for developing mobile apps and Electron for developing desktop apps. For web apps I am naturally using HTML/CSS/Javascript. On the server side I am using C, PHP/LAMP or node.js.

Current Projects

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    Photostovis is an open-source, personal cloud solution for storing your personal photos and videos. Physically, your photos and videos are stored in a box connected to your home router. You can watch them from anywhere and from any connected device. Here is a direct link to a demo server that runs in my home.

    Technically, Photostovis is a client-server system. The client part is written in HTML5/CSS3/Javascript and uses HTTP(S) to communicate with the server. The server has been written in C and it is a specialised web server that, in addition to sending content to authorised clients handles media scanning, uses an in-memory dedicated database for storing information about the media, estimates the client bitrate and resizes the media in real time, on demand. It requires very few hardware resources, as it was targeted to run on hardware that can be found in routers and modems. A Raspberry Pi is a really powerful hardware platform for a Photostovis server.

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    Arrow is a web-based TODO/Time management and self-evaluation tool that I am providing as a free-to-use service for anybody. It allows you to plan your day, week, month and year, add habits and evaluate your day/week/month and year.

    Arrow is also a client-server application, with the client part written in HTML/CSS/Javascript and the server part written in C. Client data (tasks and learnings) is encrypted on the client (browser, in Javascript) and then it is transmitted to the server. So the server (and the service provider - me) does not have access to the client data, which protects the privacy of the users.

    Arrow uses two servers, for reliability. One runs from Amazon Cloud (AWS), the other one runs in my home.

Past Projects (selected)

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    Digiacademy is a publishing platform for mobile devices), allowing users access to subscribed content. Digiacademy supports audiobooks, ebooks (pdf) and courses (text, images and video).
    Digiacademy was developed as a subcontracted project for 10times Oy.

    Digiacademy is written using Cordova and it is available for iOS and Android from the respective app stores.

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    Finnlines Cargo is a B2B Cargo booking app (iOS & Android) for Finnlines customers integrating with Finnlines cargo booking system.
    I was part of the team (lead by Kii Oy) that created the concept together with Finnlines and then designed and developed the mobile app. I was responsible with the the technical concept and development.

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    Created the first Internet Radio application for S60/Symbian smartphones, in 2005. This was a demo, created while working for Nokia, as a reference for 3rd party Symbian application developers. S60 Internet Radio was created on the first phone that had both mp3 decoding capabilities and enough networking power to allow continuous streaming of data with sufficient bandwidth for the usecase.

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    Created MLauncher, an open-source music player for S60/Symbian phones. Screenshots here. MLauncher allowed playback of music and audiobooks stored as files in folders, something that the Nokia music player never implemented. Selecting the music to be played was done by selecting files and folders, and this way of selecting music was very much appreciated by its users. MLauncher worked well with text-to-speech applications, and as such was very appreciated by the blind and semi-blind community.

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    Created a sample application that listed data about multimedia codecs in an S60 phone. This was the only way to get a complete list of the codecs available in S60 phones.